Lenny and Friends Dog Walking

                                                                          Whitby's Grrreatest Dog Walking Service
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Lenny and Friends Dog Walking Services Offered
Whitby's Grrreatest Dog Walking Service

Currently Lenny and Friends Dog Walking is offering full hour long small group walks or forty five minute walks if your dog would prefer a private walk.  Making sure your dog gets lots of exercise can be a great way to prevent anxiety and behavioral issues. Keeping them social is also extremely important for there well being.  We understand how important exercise and play are for your furry family member and we deliver!  We visit dog friendly parks and trails throughout Whitby.  

Group Walks-Lenny and Friends Dog Walking  group walks offers:

  • Full 60 minutes walk
  • Yummy, healthy treats, at your discretion of course!
  • Fresh water breaks
  • A towel down on those messy fun days!
  • Small group walks, never exceeding 5 pups per walk
  • Continuous recall training is practised
  • Lots of fun and exercise and some more fun!!
  • Pick up and drop off

Private Walks Include:

  • 30-45 minute walk
  • Lots of love and attention!
  • Healthy treats, at your discretion!
  • Fresh water break
  • A towel down on those fun messy days
  • Pick up and drop off