Lenny and Friends Dog Walking

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About "Lenny" in Lenny and Friends Dog Walking! 

Lenny was our beautiful 13 year old golden lab.  He has now since past and we miss him incredibly every day...We rescued him when he was one year old from a family who just didn't know what to do with him anymore.  It was the one of the happiest moments in my life!  He has provided so many lessons in life, companionship, laughter and introduced a love like no other into my life!  Now, it didn't start out that way!!  Lenny was a prime example of a dog not getting the needed exercise and play in his life, and was acting out as a result.  When at his previous home his owners complained that he chewed shoes and was so hyper active that he would continuously knock people over.  When they would take him for his 10 minute walk, he would aggressively pull and sniff and drag the handler around non stop.  When walking past other people he would either bark at them or jump on them.  So... I had my work cut out for me. First and foremost I immediately gave him what he needed most! Exercise! He needed to be taught manners on his leash, which came eventually with continuous corrections on his lead.  Jumping on people was close to number one in correcting as well..We used positive reinforcements, by introducing a more interesting, rewarding stimulus as we past by people so that he associated walking by others as a cue to look at me.  With the exercise I really didn't need to train him not to chew. It never happened in my home.  Not one shoe was ever attacked!  I trained him recall and did so continuously as he was easily distracted by scents and sounds, having some hound bred into him! As a result, Lenny became a wonderful family member and slept 90% of the time when he was home!!  Now that's not to say exercise will cure all dogs issues, as every dog is different, with a different history, but it certainly helps! Lenny and Friends was created with this sole purpose in mind, to get your dog out, running and playing, so that they can be the wonderful dog they are meant to be!!